Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Women's History Month!

Exactly one hundred years ago this week, women took a stand. Eight thousand men and women, to the tune of ten bands and the roar of stomping feet, marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. for the great women’s suffrage parade of 1913. They were insulted and blocked and hundreds were injured, but they did not give up. They stood tall for what they believed in, and it helped shaped the way our country is today.  Just a few days ago, thousands of men and women flocked to Washington D.C. to reenact this march, and to honor women everywhere as our nation, and the world, celebrates Women’s History Month

Saint Catherine University students celebrate women every day of the year, but why not take a little extra time this month to read up on your favorite female celeb? Your historical heroes? Your modern day favorites?

ARTstor, our new and fabulous digital library database has several excellent articles about women’s history month.

Check out a plethora of artwork depicting the tale of Judith and Holofernes. This is a tale of bravery and beheading, where young Judith is welcomed into the tent of the wicked Holofernes, on the night before he intends to burn down her lands, and while he is in a drunken stupor, she beheads him and saves her people.

Gape in awe at this beautiful “Crazy” quilt sewn together from pieces of old campaign banners to form a colorful and intricate tale of woman’s suffrage.

Sift through the amazing Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library. This amazing photograph library has over 36,000 images, both professional and amateur, documenting the history of women in America. 

Who knows? Maybe some day one of you Katies will be up among the greats, marching or writing or laughing or singing your way into the minds of the world.

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