Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome to St. Kate's!

Hello, new students, and welcome to St. Kate's!

The libraries on the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses have a lot to offer you. Need to find scholarly articles? Use the libraries. Need to get books on your topic? That's us, too. Need to use a computer? We have those. Need a group study space? We've got those, too.

Need help researching your topic? Ask a librarian! We're here to help you; you're not interrupting us. Come talk to us. Ask us questions. Don't struggle with your research. We librarians can help you in-person, via email, chat, appointments, and even by text. We are the research gurus, so ask us for help.

And on the St. Paul campus, we created a self-guided QR Code library tour, so if you want to learn more about our services, come into the library with a smart phone and take the tour, any time you want. Just look for this whiteboard as you enter the library:

And while you're at the St. Paul campus library, we also made a book display just for you - Keep Calm and Survive College. It's full of books about college life, recipes for college students, and more, so look for this display:

(Part of the display includes an infographic highlighting fun reads, and you can view this infographic online, too. Check it out!)

Welcome to St. Kate's! We hope to see you soon!

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