Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer reads & Road Mix playlist

Some students from MLIS 7630 did book displays in the library this summer as part of an assignment. If you're looking for some Books with Bite, or if you have Wander Lust, or if you need a Dragon fix, check out this Vine video of their displays (and come into the library to find some good reads!):

The Wander Lust display also used a whiteboard to ask the question: what is your go-to travel song? And you delivered. Many people signed the board giving their song suggestions, so we had to make a playlist.

Here's your Spotify playlist - St. Kate's Road Mix*:

Now come into the library to find some great books to read! If you don't find any on these displays, a librarian can help you find something you may like. Just ask.

*These songs do not represent the beliefs & views of St. Catherine University Libraries.

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