Friday, April 19, 2013

Congrats to the winners of the 3rd Annual Haiku Contest!

The judges have spoken...three top hiakus were chosen from the over 40 wonderful poems written and submitted by St. Kate's students, faculty, and staff. From the prophetic to the profound, from the whiny (about non-spring) to the wonderful, we saw a little slice of conciousness from across the community. Thank you to everyone who participated. Additional finalists will be posted on the website over the rest of April.

And the winners.....drum roll, please....

Prayers to higher gods
Rise like candle flames of light
Destiny unknown
~Kathy Angell 

diet rules are dumb
like twelve hundred calories
i want a twinkie
~Jennifer Kovelan 

From the west window
I watch, while the hydrangeas
shiver with the wind
~Barbara Klug

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