Thursday, April 14, 2016

National Library Week - Our Staff

You might be familiar with some of the reference and instruction librarians in the library, the people who may have helped you with research or taught one of your classes about research.

But there are a lot of other people who also help make our libraries the wonderful places they are.

We have great circulation student workers and staff who manage our student workers, the helpful people at the circulation desks who make sure you're able to access and check out materials.

And then there are the people you might not see as much, those who work behind the scenes like our systems librarian and collection services staff, the people who make sure our systems, electronic resources, books, magazines, newspapers and more are ready for you to use.

And then there's a group of people you might not notice who do a lot of work around campus, the students and staff who work in our media services department. They make sure all the equipment in classes around campus is working and they support your access to additional electronic equipment and media.

Our archivist is also someone you may not see unless you're doing a history project, trying to track down St. Kate's information, or need some access to our special collections. She preserves our history and maintains all the wonderful special collections you may see highlighted from time to time on library displays.

And then there's our fearless leader, the library director, and her administrative assistant, the ones who are usually pouring over things like budgets, but who every now and then take a little break for some fun.

So the next time you enter the library or use one of our online resources, you may not see all these wonderful people, and many of the others not pictured here, but just know there are many people working hard to make sure everything in the library runs smoothly. And we love our St. Kate's community!

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