Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Documentaries at the Library

The Overnighters (2014). A modern-day Grapes of Wrath, this award-winning documentary is an intimate portrait of job-seekers desperately chasing the broken American Dream to the tiny oil boom town of Williston, North Dakota, and the local pastor who risks everything to help them (from the cover). 


Fed Up (2014) Narrated by Katie Couric, the film blows the lid off everything that was known about food and exercise, revealing a 30-year campaign by the food industry, aided by the U.S. government, to mislead and confuse the American public (from the cover).


Consider the Conversation (2012).  The film examines multiple perspectives on end-of-life care and includes interviews with patients, family members, doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers and national experts from around the country. The film's goal is to inspire dialogue between patient and care provider, husband and wife, parent and child, minister and parishioner.

Check out these other new documentaries.

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