Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rolling whiteboards all around the library!

Whiteboards are great ways for you to do things like:
  • Get your thoughts out;
  • Collaborate with other students on projects;
  • Brainstorm topics; and
  • Do some mindmapping.
At your disposal, we now have many rolling whiteboards on wheels all around the library. Just check out a box of markers from the Circ Desk and away you go!

But whiteboards can also be fun, which is why we bought some of these:

And why we came up with the Question of the Week:

The Question of the Week this week asks you to tell us your favorite song of the summer. After you give us your favorite tunes we'll make a Spotify playlist, so you better get in here soon to give us your suggestions.

Make use of the whiteboards. We bought them for YOU to use, so get some work done...or have a little bit of fun.

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