Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Archives Display: New Student Life Through the Years

New students in 1963 purchase their beanies
Welcome new students! While you're becoming familiar with St. Kate's, stop by the St. Paul Library and see the display of items from the University Archives. The photographs, documents, and objects illustrate student life from the early years to the 1970s. Compare your experiences today with the past. Did you know:
  • The first Katies didn't need to do laundry--their board included the washing of 15 pieces a week. However, "fancy undearwear and starched goods [could] not be laundered at the College."
  • In the 1940s, students were asked to use the elevators for going up only, not down. They were reminded: "Riding up saves your breath--but walking down saves your figure."
  • Up until the early 1970s, first years wore beanies labeled with their name during orientation week.
The display Beanies and Big Sisters: Early Student Life will be up during the month of September on the main level of the St. Paul Library, in the case right before the video carrels.

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