Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Voldemort Defeat Day!

In this day in 1998, everyone's favorite spectacle-wearing wizard, Harry Potter, defeated the evil Dark Lord Voldemort! Muggles everywhere rejoiced! That's right, Harry Potter fans. I know you're out there. Today is the day you have a legitimate excuse to break out your wands, don your wizard robes, put on your snazzy gold and maroon tie (or silver and green, if that's your preference) and nerd out!

The St Catherine University English club makes a big to-do about Voldemort Defeat Day every year. If you head up to the 2nd floor atrium in the CDC right about now (it's almost noon) you can stop by their nifty table and pick up some free buttons. Go on a horcrux hunt! You could be the only person standing between Lord Voldemort and St Kates!

If you mosey into the cafeteria, our friends at Sodexo have kindly set up a nice Harry Potter-themed spread for us. It's sure to be delicious! (And dare I say... magical?)

Remember Harry, dear Potter fans, and all those we loved and lost in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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