Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Need a Scholarly Journal?

example of a scholarly journal
Did your instructor say you need scholarly journal articles for your paper? Take a quick peak at the characteristics of a scholarly journal:
  • Usually covers a single subject area (such as neonatal nursing, art history, etc.)
  • Usually reports on research or reviews the literature
  • Language is often technical and specific to the subject
  • Articles will contain a list of references cited in the paper. (Using this reference list, a reader may consult those same sources for more sources)
  • Authors are usually researchers or experts in their field
  • Has little or no advertising
  • May have charts and graphs
  • Titles may be Journal of.. or Quarterly Review of..., or simply the name of the subject
  • Scholarly journals may or may not be peer-reviewed 

Some databases, like Academic Search Premier, allow you to check the box Scholarly (Peer review) articles.

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