Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New "GLO" in the Library

The St. Paul campus library now has a new GLO: the Green Library Organization. This group, consisting of staff members Emily Asch, Barbara Klug, Belinda Lawrence, Jim Newsome, Kathi Rickert, and Martha Vest, is dedicated to finding ways to lower the library’s energy consumption and its uses of non-renewable resources.

The group was formed after Rickert and Newsome attended a session on energy saving at the 2008 Midwest Library Technology Conference. The St. Kate’s Library tends to use lots of paper in copiers, printers, and in print media such as journals and books.

In recent years, print consumption has reduced somewhat as library collections migrate from print to electronic formats. New Computing Services printing policies capping free printing for each user have also helped reduce paper use in the Library and across campus. The group hopes to investigate better ways to reduce waste from abandoned print jobs to old handouts and more.

GLO has begun an energy audit, so we can determine what energy resources the library is currently consuming. The goal will then be to analyze how best to reduce consumption, whether it be by finding more energy efficient lighting or heating patterns, other earth-friendly options.

GLO has just launched, but it should be a key player on campus as it networks with new student groups who have also formed to create a more sustainable campus environment. GLO will also seek ways to build our library book collections in the area of environmental sciences and also hopes to create an annual display for Earth Day in an effort to educate users to be better stewards of the planet.

Whatever happens, it will no longer be business as usual for wasteful consumption. GLO appreciates any comments or suggestions, and readers may contact any of the members listed above.
by Jim Newsome, Head of Public Services

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  1. Thanks for watching the energy consumption in the library - green libraries equal a happier planet.